FSCM has been in existence since 1968, when Reuel Lemmons and Holland Boring, Sr. started it at Hensel Memorial Encampment near Austin, Texas. Intended to serve Central Texas, it has drawn students from many states (as far away as California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, etc.), mainly because of the great effort Brother Lemmons put into promoting the singing school.


Teachers in the school have included Caleb Blakeney, Holland Boring, Sr., Holland Boring, Jr., Holland Boring III, Tom Chapin, Bob Connel, Don Connel, John Connel, Bill Cox, Charles Davis, Clinton Davis, Paul Epps, Bill Lyons, Laura Price Miller, Cecil Price, Cheryl Price, Frank Price, Mary Price, Wade Price, and Nathan Wight

Holland Boring, Sr., known as Paw-Paw by many, directed the school for many years. He later gave that over to his son, Holland Boring, Jr. After Holland Jr.'s untimely death in 1997, Cecil Price became the director of the school. Cecil now shares those duties with his brother, Wade Price.

Camp Location:  

100 Marks Overlook; Buda, TX 78610

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